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Gameplay Quick Tips

Post by Loki on Tue Sep 04, 2012 11:07 am

Most of this info can be found in the Primer or AFTAC sections in greater detail. IMBA will be drawing from this thread to create in-game tips.

Note: I will be reviewing ALL posts in this thread; tips or comments must be on topic and relevant. Once your comment has been reviewed, I will bump it up into this list (with editing, if necessary).

- Access basic help by holding down the F1 key. Access gametype help by holding down the F2 key.

- View the scoreboard by holding the Tab key.

- Your machine gun requires you to lead your target; aim where the target is going, not where it currently is.

- Your machine gun has a maximum range of 900m. If your target is flying towards you, you can start shooting at 1100m.

- Fire your machine gun in short bursts until you know you can hit the target.

- When your guns overheat, give it time to cool down. The gauge on the lower right shows your guns temperature.

- Right click to fire a secondary weapon.

- Rockets, missiles, and torpedoes require time to reload. When the rocket symbol on the lower right gauge becomes green, you can fire again.

- Nuclear Torpedoes require 5 seconds to arm. You must be more than 500m away from your target for it explode on impact.

- Tap your afterburner two or three times per second to maintain momentum and conserve fuel instead of holding it down. Check your speed gauge on the lower left and time each tap to keep your speed in the red zone.

- Roll your ship by holding down the A or D keys.

- Fly in an evasive spiral by aiming the cursor outside the Missile Lock HUD circle while holding down one of the roll keys.

- To turn your ship faster, turn left or right instead of up or down and push your mouse to the edge of the screen.

- To drift or strafe, roll right while turning left or roll left while turning right. You should see your ship turn sideways on your screen.

- Tap your afterburner once or twice after changing directions to get moving quickly again.

- Never fly in a straight line near the enemy carrier; jink your ship around by moving the cursor around the center of your screen to get where you're going.

- Avoid the hangar entrances to the carrier! The beam cannons inside are deadly!

- Rockets are the most effective weapon to use against turrets.

- Turrets will always fire at a nearby rocket or torpedo instead of a ship.

- Try drifting around a turret while attacking it.

- The turrets inside the hangar are protected by powerful shields and cannot be damaged.

- Your shields will recover with time. Check the Shield Delay on each ship's Statistics page to find out how many seconds it will take before you start to regenerate.

- Stay frosty. Nothing will get you killed faster than panic.

- Asteroids are more than decorations; use them for cover and evasion.

- Beam weapons travel to the target almost instantly and require a little bit of lead to hit.

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