So you want to be a Reaper

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So you want to be a Reaper

Post by Wolfski on Sat Sep 15, 2012 7:36 am

We are the Reapers a proud race of combat pilots. For millennia we have travelled among the vastness of the known universe searching for the ultimate combat experience. In the Milky Way we found the humans, a species constantly warring amongst themselves. Where there are humans in conflict we can be found among them. Fighting with them, fighting against them, even fighting our own kind.

If you are not part of humankind and you feel the call of the debris field, crave the roar of your afterburner and the mesmerising percussion of your projectile cannons then you may be one of us.

We observe very carefully, and if we like what we see we may invite you to join our ranks.

If you wish to draw our attention; "Fly with honour, fly with valour and die beautifully"

Any messages left here will be considered. In the meantime please feel free to talk to any of the members either in game or via the forum.

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