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Back Story

Post by Nightwing on Wed Oct 10, 2012 3:47 pm

In the years before humanity permanently left Earth, a small fleet of colony ships was lost during an expedition, all crew presumed dead.
Little did anybody know, but the people on those ships survived.
They left because they were sick of humanity's apparent efforts at self-destruction.
They eventually found a new planet orbiting a distant star, and lived in peace for centuries, only fighting for self-defense..
But the peace was not meant to last...

Sixteen centuries after they were lost, the colonists were found by hostile forces intent on enslaving them.
The colonists fought back, using skills gained by hunting and foraging in the massive forests covering the planet to conduct hit-and-run guerrilla warfare.
Such was their ferocity that their enemies fled from them upon sight, haunted by stories about "demons of the forsaken."
Eventually, the colonists found it prudent to join the war that was consuming the galaxy, simply to ensure that their home world was protected.
Indeed, the colonists have lived on the new world for so long that they consider it their home world, rather than Earth.

The colonists soon gained a reputation as fierce fighters, but also helpful mediators.
Since the colonists have been isolated for 1,600 years, they aren't quite comfortable with sharing space with people not of their world.
This translated to them forming squads made up almost entirely of their planetary neighbors.
Even among their allies, they were held with a certain degree of fear.
This isolationism garnered them the nickname of "The Forsaken".
They've never tried to correct the name...

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