Download speeds on Steam and how to 'increase' them

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Download speeds on Steam and how to 'increase' them

Post by Vanity on Fri Dec 14, 2012 7:55 pm

Hey everyone. I'm sure everyone's had a bit of an issue with steam before. If not, ignore this. Razz

I have found that my local Steam Download Region does not provide me with a good down speed... 50kbps. O.o it's horrendous. I decided to do a bit of browsing around the servers and tried US - San Jose which got me 1.2Mb/sec. That's pretty damn good compared to my initial speeds. Razz There are a few other servers like Seattle, Japan, Washington, etc. They all have around 1Mb/sec down speeds (this is during summer sales and what have you).

just thought I'd share this with those who have slower down speeds. Razz


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