Nice to see new members still arriving here.....

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Nice to see new members still arriving here.....

Post by Wolfski on Thu Jan 17, 2013 7:02 pm

Welcome to all the recent new members to the forum.

I for one still spam the ingame chat like a mother funker during play... and get flamed for it frequently... but bizarrely most of the people that flame still end up here... Laughing

Had a few MB games this week and pleasantly surprised to be in many full games... which was good... still plenty of the regular names on the field and not much crashing either!..... so support is still there.... which I guess must bode well for the moonfix alternative if you have a semi captive audience to test it when ready.... I am waiting quietly in the wings to see how that goes as there already seem to be a lot of ppl helping out, so all the best with that endeavour.... developing any software be it commercial or game is a tough business to try and break into even in the open source world....

see u all out there....



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