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Post by science on Sun Jan 20, 2013 6:34 pm

FWIW, I decided to stump up another $12.95 (8 quid in real money Wink and buy
some more boosts. I'd been holding back because of the state of the game
but realising I'd played it so much and spent so little I thought, what the
hell. If I don't fly the other ships now I may never fly them.

2500 He-3 translated into a 26x boost (10x25 match + 10x, 4x and 2x 24 hour
boosts combined). There are usually one or two empty servers and as most people
know, you can solo the carrier (all turrets and then nuke the carrier) for 8200
cred per game. It takes me less than 9 minutes to take it down with
a G5 to destroy half the turrets and soften up the others then switching to a
Pantha to pop torps in between destroying the remaining turrets. You don't gain
much by using the Panther and the B-7 Rhino would probably suffice at a cost
of a minute or two.

With the boosts, this translated into 213,200 cred every 9 or 10 minutes and
rounding things a bit, 1,279,200 cred per hour.
In the end I didn't run 25 matches soloing carrier assault because I couldn't
sit there for over four hours, but I did a lot and mixed in some multiplayer
on europe (hubris). The end result being I've netted around 5.2mil cred today.

I'm now the proud owner of every ship in the fleet, all fully capped having
bought and capped the following ships today:

M3 Cobra
M10 Krait
FH-100 Hammerhead
FH-200 Piranha
FH-250 Swordfish
B-10G Grizzly
H4B Bison

I also fully upgraded the previously raw Mamba and the Rhino
and finished upgrading the B-10X and B-10T (didn't even realise the
Timberwolf wasn't capped, /idiot). I'd already bought the other ships
after the first round of boosts where I did something similar.
(I did get the FM-25, the FH-90 and the B-10X the hard way with unboosted

Ultimately, this translates into a return of about 400,000 cred per dollar spent,
and that's assuming you don't keep playing with your remaining 16x 24hr boost.

Of cource, this is only possible because A: I know what I'm doing and B:
the devs allow server farming in this way. Now, I'm not suggesting that everyone
rushes out and buys boosts, you need to understand when spending money
now that you are unlikely to get much back other than the chance to fly other
ships for what ever remaining time the game has. I expect most people have had all the
ships for some time too. But it does illustrate that a lot of the complaints
about value for money were not really fair, a least not in terms of what is

There's also no need to speed run carrier assault maps since the 25 match
boost expires after 25 matchs regardless and your 24 hour buffs will be good for
much longer than it takes to complete the 25.

I've still got half a day left on my remaining 16x boost but I've got nothing
to spend it on heh.


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Boosts Empty Re: Boosts

Post by Loki on Fri Feb 01, 2013 1:37 pm

My Uber account tells me that I've spent $29 CAD on the game. I've had more time and fun with this game on that $29 than I've had on most console/PC releases that go for $60-80.

My first $12 worth of He3 was spent almost entirely on a Cobra (should have just got the boosters), with a x4 boost to go with it (all spent on Cobra upgrades). The Cobra has been an excellent ship, but the boosters are worth more creds than outright purchase of any ship; the Cobra cost me 1.2 million creds at the time, but I could have had twice that if I'd spent it on boosters.
My next $12 went to He3 and was put into 1 day boosters (when my wife was working 12 hour shifts!) and a good deal of those credits were wasted on a Viper (again, silly me) shortly before the Steam release. The remainder went towards cred boosters and purchase/upgrade of my Timberwolf (which then led me to become a mad bomber).
My next $5 was for the Rookie DLC pack through Steam, partly to get the Kingfisher & booster, and partly so that Steam would treat me like a real person.

I've just purchased (through earned creds) my 17th ship, the Bison, which I consider the last ship I will unlock. All others but one are unlocked and fully upgraded.

I will NOT unlock the A80 Barracuda; I flew one for the span of 1 life during the first week it was available for free and never looked back. I have seen it abuse rookies far too much to justify it to myself.

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Boosts Empty Re: Boosts

Post by Loki on Thu Feb 14, 2013 12:11 pm


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