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Post by Adama on Thu Apr 11, 2013 2:31 am

Interesting stories... All say stop drinking shite! Very Happy Really...

Coffee is ok, but my belly is sensitive to the acid in it. There are plenty of coffee-things without its effects, i will give them a try...

And it is my second day without any coffee. And it is really better! The first day was the worst, as i turned back 3 times from the way to our drink bar in the hotel where i work. Now it is much more easier. Smile

So good peeps. Stop drinking chemically organized, laboratory made shite. It will surely kill u with time... Only water and healthy food we need. That is what we are made for. So simple. Smile

Occasionally, alchohol is ok too i think. But quality over quantity is the most important thing. Once i got poisoned by a cheap wine while i was attending college... I felt nothing while i was drinking. I didnt even get drunk. But in the morning...I couldnt move and everything came out from me, even through my nose...I thought i will be dead by the end of the day...From then, i only drink quality. Never ever had any bad symptoms from then.

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Nostromo_Crew - Page 2 Empty Re: Nostromo_Crew

Post by Viking Jack on Thu Apr 11, 2013 12:30 pm

coffee isn't a chemical drink, but like alcohol you have to watch for the quality

generic coffee its made with lots of unnecessary chems while the good ones from colombia,cuba,turkey,armenia are more natural, but you have to pay a lot for that imported quality:(

as for cofee in general, remember it was discovered in the middle age by a turkish sheperd, he just left his goats near a coffee plant, the goats ate the fruit (that look like cherrys btw) and when the sheperd came back he found his goats doing the harlem shake, so the caffeine it's already present in it's most natural form

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