In case I haven't killed you yet.

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In case I haven't killed you yet.

Post by imda on Sun Aug 19, 2012 9:18 am

Really been enjoying the game, thought I'd introduce myself. I'm usually the guy in the G5, playing on US West server unless population low/server unstable.

Due to my fighter preference, bombers and heavy fighters are my preferred prey. I swear cannons are attracted to armor. And those hogs are so easy to mount from behind, who needs missiles, I'll just ram my rockets right up the exhaust.

I enjoy a good dogfight, 3 on 3 style, dodging asteroids. The tight action is aptly suited for the G5, with ample boost and the dumb-fire rockets which become advantageous in those death circles.

I prefer Carrier Assault, but enjoy all formats.

Some things about the game I would work on:

Match-ups can no longer be balanced by rank. Eventually everyone will be at 4 bars. Which is why we need stats. I would weight win percentage over all others, as this indicates not only good piloting skills, but a keen understanding of mission objectives, and the flexibility to fill the missing role.

An afk boot voting feature. Not only is a "Balanced" match-up becoming rare, the afkers really throw it out of proportion. I know we are in beta, and there is a concern about chasing off players, but afk'ers aren't really players, they are a detriment to the active community. I know there are bots too, flying the same few routes, taking no evasive action. Just let us vote them out, and get some fresh blood into the mix.

I do think that the rocket speed on the G5 needs to be tweaked, perhaps 5-10% increase. And they seem to have a dead zone, unlike the Mamba, as if they cannot be detonated for 1 second, not sure if I'm just "feeling" lag due to velocity.

My tips to game play:

Everyone should have a fully upgraded Mamba, this guy teaches you to fly. Feathering the booster, using the drift to align in a "safe" trajectory while assaulting carriers, learning to get close before unloading, and the ins and outs of rocket use.

If you are defending in CTF or CA, use a ship with ROCKETS. Not needing to lock on coupled with a remote trigger is devastating when chasing around ships. With the aoe its easy to down torps.

Pay attention to the mission objectives. Kill count will naturally develop over the course of the match. I have no respect for 25 kills, if that hot mess was out in no man's land. Pay attention to your surroundings. If there's 5 players on your team, and 4 of them are helping your defend on carrier assault, but you aren't in the lead for hits, you're going to have a bad time. 1 smart defender can completely neutralize a pro bomber.

During capture the flag, YOU NEED AT LEAST 2 RUNNERS! Letting that one "fast" guy do it is only going to end in failure. Honestly 3 is better, heaven forbid one die in transit. Learn how to advance position while still providing front line defense. This means, laying down suppressive fire and doing "some" damage, but do not cease advancing during CTF. Let the "team" work together. Position is key. This points back towards paying attention to mission objectives and not your personal kill count.

Learn how to play different roles during the same match. An effective Carrier assault is often proceeded by a couple turret killers that then move back to defense. Get at least one side cleared, this allows for the bombers to boost into position and usually get at least 1 torp off. Bombers can then chip away at remaining turrets while waiting on torpedoes to re-arm.

Players get in the habit of assuming they are not in danger when there isn't any gunfire and there is not a big red "MISSILE LOCK" at the top of their screen. This is the rocket fighters greatest strength. Use it to your advantage, and time your opening gun volley accordingly.

If you have rockets, you can conserve more boost during close quarters combat. This is because your nose does not need to be pointed "AT" the enemy, rockets will do the work for you, just keep them off your tail. continuously strafe and follow the red indicator, fire before you can "see" your target, be ready to trigger the remote detonate.

My Name:

Reference to my first MMORPG on Sony Playstation, Servers just went down in June. I used to Quad box a full party, typically main tanking raids. Ahh the memories. I'll get an updated tag when I'm at home. Just getting started Razz

This was after-all an introduction, so I'll save my thoughts for another time.

I'll see you in the launch bay........if you're lucky, otherwise prepare to bring your A-Game.

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Re: In case I haven't killed you yet.

Post by Loki on Sun Aug 19, 2012 10:55 am

Welcome aboard!
I've seen you around a bit, and you seem to have a really good grasp on the game. I particularly like your focus on teamwork Smile

See you out there!

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Re: In case I haven't killed you yet.

Post by Complex lain on Sun Aug 19, 2012 11:16 am

Hiya - glad you made it here!
Complex lain

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Re: In case I haven't killed you yet.

Post by Vanity on Sun Aug 19, 2012 11:48 pm

Good to see you on the forums, I think I’ve seen you maybe once or twice… Very Happy


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Re: In case I haven't killed you yet.

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