Now I know it's a bit...unrelated...

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Now I know it's a bit...unrelated...

Post by ~{MFN}~ LCDR McMuffin on Fri Aug 31, 2012 7:44 am

...but I'm seriously trying to get my name out there, maybe get a few more subscribers. But all of that is pretty unimportant in comparison to the fact that I simply want more views Sad

I've been biding my time, trying to just keep to the YouTube community, hoping that maybe I'll get seen and take off after a while, but I figure a little help might not be TOTALLY unacceptable, right? ^_~

So anywho, here's my playlist link, all I ask is that you guys just give them a watch. It'd do me, and my friends a HUGE service to see our time spent actually amount to something tangible.

It's A Wonderful Minecraft: Multiplayer Edition

And who knows? When I actually figure out HOW I want to do it, I'll be posting some It's a Wonderful Moon Breakers videos in their own playlist Very Happy
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