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Post by Zhaky on Wed Oct 10, 2012 3:31 pm

As I introduced myself on the board, I mentioned trying to fly planes in BattleField 1942, which seemed to stir something ancient within some of you. Now the day will soon be upon us, where the mighty warriors of the battlefield should raise from their graves and take up arms once again.

What I'm trying to say is that those of us who wants to take another shot at the old BF 1942 should put the CD-ROM in the CD drive and install those precious data onto our computers once more. Get together online and have some WWII fun.

Now I guess in order to arrange something like that, we need to find a weekend (usually the best time for most people). A time which allows most of us to participate (being global and all) and perhaps get to some agreement on what game we wish to play and how we find/create a server where all interested soldiers may join.

I must confess that I never got to buying any expansions to BF 1942, but these days they shouldn't be too expensive, so depending on the wishes of the majority, I migth consider throwing in a few bucks.

The coming month I won't get much game time due to social activities.

Now what do you think/say?

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