Blue Tips: A History

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Blue Tips: A History

Post by Proton on Tue Aug 14, 2012 6:59 pm


Proton (British)

Proton worked as a Weapons Technician on the A-80 Barracuda Tracking-Dual Missile Systems, following earlier success with the FH-90 and FH-100 at Irata Engineering Works. Earlier works included the revolutionary vacuumised carrier hulls, enabling vertical lift off in almost any atmosphere/gravity combination without having a 250-mile blast radius, and the Talon super-light, the first space craft to be piloted from the outside, which is still used for the occasional manual servicing outside a carrier, when the machine that fixes the machine that fixes the machine that cleans the outside of the windows goes wrong.

Lacey (British)

Lacey, originally a pilot dedicated to the Government cause, lost most of her (already meagre) reserve when her father (mechanic) died aboard a carrier, shot down by some over-zealous defence contractors. Moving rapidly through work, first as a far-scout, second as a terra-former, she ended up as a test pilot for experimental craft, having rammed her commanding officer (who was piloting and F-3, she was in a H4B) on a mission, but being to valuable to dismiss.

Eleven (German)

Eleven was the man who brought German Engineering to the British love of destruction. Keeping the A-80 as fast and agile as the FH-100 required a complete redesign of the basic components of the ship, which, in turn, resulted a complete redesign of everything else, hence the opinion that the A-80 Barracuda sits outside the Heavy Fighter category, in one all of it's own: Gunboat. Eleven died suddenly while trying to overclock a Wilson A-590 afterburner.

Refuge, Name, and Redemption

Following the advent of the Wilson A-590 afterburner for the FH-250, the stabilisation of the A-80 Missile Systems, and the improved Fast Cannons available on the FH-100, very little remained to be done in the section of heavy fighters.

Plus, with the upgrade of F-3s to faster, more agile ships capable of cheap mass production, nothing really remained at Irata to be done.

The War was on.

It was time to join it.

As the numbers of man itself became the most limiting factor for the fight for He-3, Proton and Lacey stole two ships, experimental FH-250s, and fled into the darkness of the criminal underworld, full of mercenaries and rusty counterpoints.

The name "Blue Tips" comes from the blue tips on the wings of the original stolen craft, which signified an experimental machine. As the FH-250s where the last experimental machine, and have now been publicly released, the signage was no longer needed, and the felony for falsely marking your ship as such was dropped.

Redemption came in due course with a raid on Wilson R&D, which cancelled the production of the X-99.

This kept the F-3 as the de-facto ship for new pilots, while limiting the competition for the FH-250s that we sill fly today.

Irata later retracted their bounty on both Lacey and Proton.

Irata would like it noted that the two events are completely unrelated, and that no communication took place between said previous fugitives before or after the raid following the robbery and desertion of their former employees.

The Beginning

Americh (Dutch)

Americh was quickly found as he was one of the few people who knew how the F-250s worked. Flying a A-80, he traded with Proton periodically both for maintenance and upgrades, and during combat.


FH-90 Stingray and FH-100 Hammerhead
Cannon and Fast Cannon innovation lead the way for fighters to be categorised into two sections, Heavy and Light. Previously, only Bombers and Fighters were separated.
Proton - Weapons Technician
Flown Rarely and Occaionally.

A-80 Barracuda
High-Power Long-Range Tracking Missiles make this a machine to deal with all Light and Mid-Weight Fighters.
Proton - Weapons Technician
Lacey - Flight Tester
Flown Occaionally.

FH-250 Swordfish
The fastest and comaratively high weapons ratings make this our ship of choice.
Proton - Weapons Technician
Lacey - Flight Tester
Eleven - Engineer
Flown Regularly.


Originally flying in a group of 3 FH-250s, tactics changed to being, well, actual tactics as more people rished in to join the war and more and more F-3 Mambas were produced.

Proton or Americh flew the A-80, usually into a nice open piece of space, with asteroids nearby.

It sat their, idling along, taking out all the light and mid-weight spacecraft that dared fly towards it.

The A-80 would boost out of the way of heavy craft, and then the FH-250s would descend on them, and any bombers that began to pose a threat.

Modern Day

Founding Pilots

Proton still flies regularly.

Lacey is married, but still slies occaisionally, against her husband's and two children's wishes.

Americh works making Coffee Machines faster, following a slight mental relapse.

Expansion and Re-Organisation

I have decided to publicly open the squadron up to applications, and re-organise accordingly.

We will no longer specialise in Heavy Fighters as a Squadron, this will be Wing Specific.

Instead, we will focus on force of numbers.

  • Wing One - Heavy Fighters, all are acceptable, though why you'd have a FH-90 Stingray and not a FH-100 Hammerhead..
  • Wing Two - Bombers, B-10T Timberwolf, H4B Bison, and B-10X Panther.
  • Wing Three - Medium Fighters, again, all are acceptable.
  • Wing Four - Light Fighters, primarily F-3 Mambas. No F-3X Sidewinders!

Ranks will be based on the slash rankings in game, and images such as my profile picture will be available in the members section on approval.

Here is the Squadron Badge:

Apply Now!

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